Chiropractor’s Needs

Chiropractor’s Needs

The Home Birth Safety Act and the Chiropractor’s Needs

Chiropractors in South Dakota know many patients who are interested in complementary and alternative health care, including alternatives in birth services However when a patient requests referral for home birth services, chiropractors have limited options. Allowing a patient to be left with no care, or falling into the hands of an unqualified provider, presents serious liability and ethical dilemmas.

The Home Birth Safety Act (HBSA) has been developed to meet the needs of chiropractors and other healthcare providers who value respect for a patient's autonomy while at the same time supporting safe decisions.

HBSA licenses only midwives who have obtained NCCA accredited midwife credentials. Lay midwives and informally apprenticed midwives need not apply.

HBSA protects patients from falling into the care of unqualified underground midwives by maintaining a listing of licensed, qualified midwives, held accountable for the services they provide.

HBSA requires midwives to practice according to evidence based guidelines and nationally recognized and legally-defensible practice standards.

HBSA provides a means for chiropractic and other physicians to make a legally defensible referral for care when a patient requests home birth.

Chiropractors also recognize the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and believe the intensive education and one-on-one care provided by qualified midwives will help provide optimal outcomes for mother and baby.

Support the Home Birth Safety Act Integrate CPMs into our healthcare system.