Hosting a Birth Emergency Managment Skills workshop

Any group is welcome to inquire about hosting the Birth Emergency Management Skills workshop. An informal group of interested parents, an organization such as a church or mothers’ group, or a volunteer EMT or First Responder group are all appropriate hosts and participants. Between six and ten participants is ideal.

The core portion of the course is four hours and will cover shoulder dystocia, tight nuchal cord, infant resuscitation, and post partum bleeding. Optional sessions which may be requested depending on the needs of the group deal with first stage concerns (rupture of membranes, bleeding and prolapsed cord), monitoring the progress and well being of mother and baby during labor, and third stage/postpartum concerns (placenta management, lacerations, infant assessment). The basic course may be covered in a single weekend day or on two consecutive weekday evenings.

An appropriate meeting space will have chairs and tables, room for a projector and mannequins, and open floor space for practicing simulations.

The host will have access to templates for press releases, letters of invitation, posters, and handouts, and will need to produce sufficient quantities for all participants.

It is up to the host to determine what fee will be requested of participants in order to meet the expenses of the room, advertising, photo copies, and food, if provided.

The host will be responsible for promotion of the workshop, including a press release for the local paper before and after the workshop. The host is also encouraged to contact the legislators of the district and arrange a meeting with the legislators and the workshop leader and local constituents concerned about the need for licensing of midwives in South Dakota.